What is social marketing and how to apply your strategies?

Social Marketing has as main objective to transform the way in which a certain public perceives a global issue and promotes behavioral changes in the society that aims to improve the quality of life of a population segment.

It acquires knowledge and marketing techniques, adapting itself to the promotion of social welfare. We work with defined objectives, measurable goals, quantitative and qualitative researches and evaluations, as well as the development of social technologies for specific segments.

It seeks to position in the mind of the adopters the social innovations they intend to introduce, implement strategies, create, design and execute communication campaigns to satisfy needs that are not being met.
One of the important mechanisms to allow the knowledge and adoption of concepts for the Social Market is the circulation and elaboration of scientific and theoretical contents and the exchange of practical experiences on the subject.

It can be defined as the use of Marketing tools to generate important changes in the behavior of individuals in relation to problems such as public health, education, housing and quality of life, contributing to the well-being of society.

Choosing a social issue
Selecting an Initiative
Development and implementation of plans and programs

Promote social practice that can save or improve lives, which are behaviors associated with social marketing, individuals who refuse to follow good manners for the organization of society for the common good, such as saving water or practicing physical activity. Simple things that can make a big difference.
Planning to identify company position and market opportunities.
You should consider the social and emotional cost of the product.
Where will you make this product available? You need to have a place to get your message out to the public in a timely manner.
A cause for social change and make use of creativity to create promotional actions before your audience.
When you are managing a social marketing campaign you should consider the people who can hinder the success of your campaign, the public-external, target audience, and influencing groups.
The problems that social marketing tries to solve are so big that the organization can not handle itself. For this, there are partnerships, which include third sector organizations, government agencies, that have easy access to the public that are:
Interest in sponsoring your campaign
Goals similar to yours
Appeal that fill gaps

Define integrated actions to influence and gain public sympathy from target communities, such as support for social causes, civic events and cultural events.




Here I talk about men fashion and lifestyle.

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Here I talk about men fashion and lifestyle.

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